Elena Venuti

CMRI - 3 Peaks NSW 2022

Why I'm doing 3 Peaks Adventure

As part of Children’s Medical Research Institute's 3 Peaks Adventure, I’ll be raising funds for treatments and cures into children's genetic diseases. Why?

I was lucky to have worked on Charlize's condition with Professor Ian Alexander's team at Children’s Medical Research Institute. Charlize has a severe metabolic disorder where protein is toxic and very quickly can give her brain damage. She had 2 liver transplants. Charlize’s life relies so heavily on receiving better treatments and cures. Her family kindly donated her liver cells to Ian's lab, and they will continue to develop gene therapy for Propionic Acidemia. 

Gene therapy will replace or edit the faulty gene, eliminating the need for liver transplants. Children like Charlize will be able to live happy, normal lives.

Hope for Charlize | CMRI (cmrijeansforgenes.org.au)

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Jennifer Philps

You are wonderful to Fundraise for CMRI and bless you. Enjoy the experience


Scott Daltonalomes

Keep making the world better, one step at a time!


Jairo Uribe


Sunny And Heidi

All the best Elena, a worthy cause. Sorry we couldn't make it on the night!


Sara & Jeff

Sorry that Jeff and I couldn’t make it to the socials but thought we can donate to this great initiative regardless :)


Laura Dunstan


Brzouk & Kiz Dance Socials 22.10.2022



Good work Elena!






Anna Behman


Charles Ma

For Zouk night


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Jim Trik

Great cause. All the best with your fundraiser.



Great cause. All the best.


Stuart M


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Angus Fraser


Maria Karlis





$100 per peak 😜




Liz Kalotay


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Vanessa Domaoal

Go Elena 🤩All for worthy cause 🥰


Jeane Stuart

Good for you Elena


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