Anna Gonzalez Manjon

CMRI - 3 Peaks NSW 2022

What is this about?

I signed up for my first fundraising challenge with CMRI! On November 12th I’ll be hiking 18km to summit Mount Kosciuszko (Australia’s highest mountain) Etheridge Ridge & Rams Head North. 

But before that, and to spice up the challenge, I will be running the City2Surf popular run in Sydney covering 14km (14th August) as well as the Sydney Marathon (18th September).

With every step I take as part of the 3 Peaks challenge, I’ll be raising vital funds for research to find better treatments and cures for children's genetic diseases, including cancer.

Along the way (>550km), I’m aiming to raise $3000, but I need your help. Will you support my fundraising efforts by donating to my page here? Every dollar raised goes to CMRI. Thank you for your support!

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My Updates

Scrambling in Barcelona mountains

Monday 24th Oct
After the marathon I have continued training for the challenge! Now focused on hikes! Last weeks I have been in my hometown (Barcelona) exploring the nature. Here I went with my dad to Montserrat, a very impressive mountain with many hikes/climbs. It was lovely 😍

I made it through!

Wednesday 21st Sep
Last Sunday I run the 42km of Sydney Marathon! And I did it in less than 4h!!! I was quite suprised I could follow up the 4h pace-maker until km33. Some "small" hills in Pyrmont slowed me down and lost him. I decided to keep it easy at my own pace. However, thanks to a very energetic banana and seeing the opera house at the end of the run, I could sprint the last 2km and made it in 3h 58min! 
Thanks you all for your support! You were all in my mind while I was going through all of it.

Ready for Sydney Marathon!

Saturday 17th Sep
7am tomorrow morning in the start line! 42km ahead 

If you want to follow me with LiveTracking you can use the Sydney Running  Festival App! (bib 6831).

Thank you so much for all the donations! I will try my best to finish it in less than 4h!

Getting ready for the 42km...

Wednesday 14th Sep
Last push before the Marathon! 30km run from work (CMRI) to home! I think I will keep taking the train... 

City2Surf to Marathon

Wednesday 31st Aug
This last month I have completed the famous City2Surf race in Sydney as part of my training! Great atmosphere and so much fun :D 

September comes with a bigger challenge... I will be running Sydney's Marathon!  

35km of pain

Wednesday 3rd Aug

Last Sunday I "run" 35km in The Bloody Long Walk!

Through the blisters, sweat and aching legs, this 35km was for kids and adults affected by mitochondrial disease, a debilitating genetic disease that causes organ dysfunction and failure.

And OFC, was a good training for what it is coming soon! Still some work to do...

Hard training in the treadmill

Monday 4th Jul
As the rain decided to come back to Sydney, I had to change my training plans... 1/2 marathon in the traidmill! It was hard, boring and painfull, but made it!

Sunday Fun Day

Sunday 19th Jun

I just started my training! > 550km to run before 12th November! When the 3-peaks challenge will take place! 

Follow my preparation here!

Today: 14km run at Centennial Park (Sydney)

Who am I?

Sunday 19th Jun

My name is Anna! I am originally from Spain, but I have been living in The Netherlands for six years doing my PhD on molecular cancer biology. I recently moved to Sydney to continue my career as a scientist, working at the Children Medical Research Institute (CMRI) on cancer research. 

I love being outdoors, either in the sea side or in the mountains. You will likely find me on a climbing wall, biking or running. 

And I am so ready to start a new challenge!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Jennifer Philps

To the intrepid adventurer inside and outside the research lab. Good on you.



Halloween Raffle





Antonio Y Sixto

Ánimo Anna, estamos contigo


Gareth Symons & Laura Baquie

Great work in and out of the lab!


Antonio Gonzalez Cubo

Animo campeona !!!! Muchos besos


Rosario Manjón

Tu arrojo y entrega por esta causa están siendo extraordinarios, Anna. Los resultados de la Maratón de Sydney lo demuestran. Una aportación extra para superar la barrera de los 2.000. Ánimo hija y adelante. Muchos besos desde Barcelona.


Jessica Sergi

All the best!


David Lahoud

Your partner Jeremy is a great bloke to work with, and a great advocate for you. Thank you. I am so grateful for you're doing this for cancer research. Research like this has saved my wife from her own battle with Cancer. Please consider this a small token of our appreciation and support. Keep running up them hills!


Jennifer Philps

Anna Not only are you a dedicated researcher but also have a heart of gold. Now have wings on your feet



You've got this Anna - run like the wind this weekend!!!


Lou Hayward

Good luck! Fantastic effort :)


Marti Cabanes Creus

Bona sorttttt!



Go Anna!!!


Aisling O'connor


Natalie Swannack


Denise Trindall

Great cause !! You got this Anna 💪🏼


Juanjo Lainez Reche

Bring a Sydney Human Towers bandana for us!!! Hope your legs are not too sore for Thursday's rehearsal!


Marta Orue Perez De Nanclares


Pau Arevalo

Run to the very top... And don't forget to do the aleta ;)


Scott Cohen

You Go Girl :)


Louise Janssen

A bit from Tasmania and a bit from us, GO ANNA!


Victor Gomez


Gabriela Manjon

Vamos campeona!!!


Françoise Volard

Nous sommes avec toi dans ton super périple !!!!


Alex Gomez

Para la superbiologa


Olivier Gomez

A correr por la felicidad de los niños !!! Un fuerte abrazo desde la otra punta del mundo !!! Que la fuerza te acompañe 🤩


Laura Gonzalez



Jose Manuel Gonzalez Cubo

Anni. Un poco de ayuda a tu lab. Besitos



Allez allez allez!


Kate Giles

Go Anna! You’ve got this!



Great initiative


Angela Sedeno

Always going the (many) extra miles for research! Good luck with all the training <3


Leila Akkari

Go Anna!! Make sure Jeremy brings you water along the way :)


Ziva Pogacar

What a great challenge for a good cause! Go Anna!!


Rosario Manjón Doncel

Ánimo hija, seguro que lo consigues. Un beso muy fuerte



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