Avery’s Run for CRMO Research

By Matt Hunt

Why I’m doing it

2023 was a very challenging year for us as a family when one of my twin girls was diagnosed with a rare and very much misunderstood medical condition being CRMO. Being rare, there is not much awareness, research or information available and it is difficult to accurately diagnose. 

It was a roller coaster of emotions from us identifying some small changes to her physically, to her being rushed in to Sydney Children’s Hospital being poked and prodded to get to the bottom of what was going on. We had weeks and months of sleepless and stressful days waiting for answers until she was finally diagnosed after surgeries and bone biopsies. The diagnosis was a massive relief as it was the best of a bad situation. 

Following the diagnosis she has been managing with medications and appears to have overcome all adverse symptoms and functions as a completely normal 7yr old, enjoying every moment of life. 

The entire process was a massive eye opener to the experience that parents and kids go through when facing health concerns. We are so grateful for the outcome we had which was all thanks to the amazing health care workers who went above and beyond to help our daughter. We know there are many people out there that sadly don’t have the same outcome as us. 

My girl was an absolute warrior during the entire process and continues to be everyday. Her bravery in keeping a smile on her face and keep on showing up has been an absolute inspiration to me. 

2024 is a new year for us of pushing forward and showing what we can do together as a team. I am challenging myself to run 5km every day in 2024 to help raise money which I can donate, on her behalf, to Children’s Medical Research Institute. We hope that whatever amount we can raise can go towards helping others have the same happy outcome we have experienced so far. 

It will be the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do (who knows if it’s even possible for me to achieve) but I’ll look at her for inspiration and drive during the hardest times and I’ll keep on showing up just like she does everyday! 

I’m seeking 52 individuals to sponsor me for a weekly stint of $14 ($2 a day). They’ll have the honour of sh!t canning, harassing and abusing me for an entire week and I’ll keep you posted on my progress.  I’ll use this to keep myself motivated to prove you wrong and will match your $14 donation at the end of the week. By all means if anyone wants to donate outside of this it will be much appreciated! 

Thanks for supporting me and showing Avery that we can make a difference! 👨‍👧🏃‍♂️🥵

Thank you to my Sponsors


Bec Nicastri



Jess & Aiden



Amanda Fullgrabe

You can do it!


Craig Bainbridge

Absolute legend, your girls are very lucky to have you as their hero.


Matt Hunt

Week 3


Wayne Dreves

Good work Matt.


Matt Hunt

Week 2


Steven Fullgrabe


Paul & Erin

Amazing work!!


Aunty Vicki & Uncle Ronny



Good luck with your goal.


Erin Dennett

You, Mel and the girls are warriors xx


Sue And John Perry

Love mum mum ❤️


Kristy Hogg

You’ve got this Matty. Ain’t no one going to attempt to run from you in a foot pursuit anymore haha


Julz Savage

You got this..


Kim Brittain

Of course you can do it Matty your an aflete 🤣 Sending love to your beautiful family 😘


Drew Hunt


Vanita Jehan

Nothing more scary than your precious baby being unwell! Good on you mate.


Mick Turner

The king in the north!


Chris Stewart

Good work mate!


Benny Albrecht

Whose going to carry the boat!


Maddy May

Good you 👏


Taryn Godfrey

On ya trot ick man get that chicken burrgaaa👏🏼


Rixi And Cat

Well done mate. Great effort


Jared And Abbey

Get it King 💪🏼🔥


Marley, Matt & Fae Xx

Go Matt!


Luke Stuart


Michelle Keating

Great job Matt.You got this!


Jenny Watt

You can do it Matt, you’ve got the cutest little cheer squad to keep you motivated!


Ash Francis


Teddy Dreves

So proud of you all! You can do it uncle Matty.


Kas And Col Hunt


Ash Kidson


Matt West

Here for it brother, get after it 🏃🏼‍♂️




Matt Hunt

Week 1