Fight with me. Fight for me.

Fight for kids like Ethan and others with genetic diseases .... Five with Five. 

Become a Fight with Five Partner by donating or raising $5,000 and receive inclusions that will benefit your business.

Children’s Medical Research Institute is an independent organisation internationally respected for its world leading research and significant medical advances. The 170 scientists at the Institute are committed to finding treatments and cures for serious conditions affecting kids.

Their aim—to make the incurable curable. The 1 in 20 kids facing a birth defect or genetic disease are used to hearing words like “incurable” or “lifelong effects”. It doesn’t have to be this way. Right now, we’re working on cures for previously incurable genetic diseases.

With your support, we can give these children a healthier future. 

Mr James Wakim

(CMRI Board Member)

"Today, we are asking all businesses in Greater Western Sydney and beyond to be part of something truly life-changing. We are asking you to pledge $5,000 for one year to fund transformative research projects that not only have a local impact on our community but a world-wide change in how we treat these serious genetic diseases.

We are asking you to partner with us on this journey"

Your business will have its own space on the Fight with Five DNA strand - showcasing your support in the fight against children's genetic diseases.

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